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Inspired by Widows experience.

As anyone who's lost a partner knows, it can be a devastating experience. When I lost my husband three years ago, I couldn't imagine meeting someone else, in fact I never thought I would want to, but as I started to emerge from the grieving process and spoke to other widows and widowers, I realised that living alone for the rest of my life was not what I wanted. Our hearts do heal with time, and our memories are stored in a very special place within them. Some of us just want to meet up occasionally and go out for a coffee, lunch or a show, many of us are looking for love, but whether it be friendship or a new partner you're looking for, Widows and Widowers unite is the place to be for the following reasons.


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fifty percent fiction

What you will get?


With tens of thousands of widows and widowers on board in the UK already, and hundreds more joining daily, you should be delighted with the quantity of members you will be able to find both locally and further afield. We're also delighted to tell you that the split between widows and widowers is fairly even.


Our widow and widowers blog allows you to share your experiences, or simply ask other members for their opinions on every aspect of being widowed. We all share similar concerns. When is the right time to start dating? How will our family react when we do? How do we deal with any guilt we experience when moving on? The questions are endless, but at least they can be shared here.


Our state of the art software and our 32 strong moderation team who vet every picture and profile individually before approving them, makes the million pound plus our partners Global personals have spent to ensure your safety, money well spent. To assist your security further, we have an advice page on the do's and don'ts of internet dating, a 'report a member' facility, a direct number to call if you have any questions to make your experience here as enjoyable and successful as possible.


On line chat is available, as is straight forward messaging or, if you're a dab hand with a web cam, why not record a video profile or write a dating diary? If you see a member you would like to communicate with, but don't feel ready to send them a message, you can break the ice by sending them a wink or a gift.

Alexis Leech was heartbroken when she was suddenly widowed four years ago. Having been with her late husband for nearly thirty years, she couldn't imagine being with someone else, but she eventually summoned up the courage to join a dating site after her third New Year alone.

What happened next not only took Alexis by surprise, but the media as well. Aged 57, she posted a picture of herself on her profile page wearing a new swimsuit she had bought from Marks and Spencer that day, and although it only showed off her figure from the waist up, she received nearly a thousand winks and messages within 48 hours. At the time she was writing her third novel called 'Fifty Percent Fiction', and the experience not only gave her a lot of hands-on experience to incorporate in her book, but it inspired her to start her own dating site specifically for widows and widowers.

That all happened over a year ago, and now has over 80,000? members in the UK alone, and her book is available on Amazon in both book form and kindle. Based on the story of a woman who is widowed in France after she and her husband retired there, the book is a mixture of 'Bridget Jones Diary' and 'P.S. I love you.' Although hilarious in parts, there are also many poignant moments that many will be able to relate to.

Alexis's story is an inspiration to anyone who finds themselves alone in later life due to divorce or bereavement, and she encourages others to use the internet to find love again, whatever their age!